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Optimized power mode -XD4-240

Today with the XR-2000 series, the customer has two options: 

- XR-2426 that I can sell with .3at switch

- XR-2436 that I can sell with our xt-5024 switch (using the upper ports)

XR-2000 series mix in  FY16 is: 46% are XR-242X and 54% are XR-243X. Most if not all the 242x are used with at compliant switches and not


Problem with XD4-240

With the XD4-240, the power draw is above 30W thus creating a barrier of entry to all customers who have XR-242X with an .at switch and do not want to pay for additional injectors.


Optimized Power Mode (OPM):

This is an AOS configurable mode that allow XD4-240 to run below 30W given some restrictions. The restriction are yet to be determined by eng and QA but could include: reducing tx power, reducing the number of streams, disabling the BLE, disabling 2.5G, limiting to one WAN port, etc


This is a prioritized list of features that can disabled when OPM mode is enabled:

1- Disabling BLE

2- Disabling Gig2 port

3- Disabling 2.5G interface

4 - Turning off stream on a dedicated monitor radio 

5- Turning off streams on the 2.4G radio as 1x3

6- Reducing the tx power



As a user, this is what I expect:

- Default for OPM MUST be disabled

- I MUST be able to enable/disable PSM from CLI, WMI and SNMP

- When I enabled OPM, I MUST be prompted with a warning message  indicating which are the restrictions and that the AP will reboot.

- When OPM mode is enabled STATUS LED MUST change to Orange

- An XD4-240 with OPM enabled MUST request only 30W by LLDP

- An XD4-240 with OPM disable MUST request the maximum power by LLDP

  • Hicham Zhiri
  • Jul 26 2016
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